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      Whether you’re paying for GST at any time on your credit card. The bill will appear when you earn money late. Therefore, when issuing a credit card companies report, 18% of products and services are tax-related as well as financial fees.GST can be used for a minimum payer fee, which is calculated in the outstanding 5% of the billing cycle.The borrower will be charged at interest rate due to receipt of minimum payment. More than 18% of GSD interest rate.

      This might seem cheap to pay a minimum fee, but it will easily push you into an easy-to-go credit trap. Find every detail about the GST impact on the credit card here.The service tax was 15 percent and now it has been replaced by 18 percent of GTT financial services. From July 1, 2017 to GST, all the indirect taxes like Service Tax and VAT and 18% GST Registration.

      So, if you pay your credit bills late, you will pay more, because interest or late payment charges will be taxed at a higher rate. The only impact on your credit card bill is due to increase service tax. At present, service tax is 15% of GST, which is 18%. Remember that you will be charged the service fee only if you have a late payment fee, EMI transfer fee etc…

      .The service tax does not charge you the amount you use on your credit card. Service tax will be charged at 15% while GSD implementation increases by 18%. 3% higher commitment late. In the previous period they paid 15% of service tax. So only 3% of service line tax is higher. One way u can avoid 3% increase your time pays time.

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