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    We have heard from the last six months of the same old line attached to your pdf card with the PAN card.
    In the beginning, many of us do it or do not get confused, but now the Indian government must make the Aadhaar number to the IT department, making the Aadhaar card and Ban card sowing mandatory.
    Any other verification steps are attached to the pan
    First of all, visit PANSEVA.COM website.
    Click ‘link link’ under ‘Quick Links’ tab
    Next, if you have already submitted the ‘Aadhaar’ request, click here to see the situation
    Enter the PAN and Aadhaar number.
    This link can be used to connect and verify your AAdhaar Card and Pan Card Just like below, click on your PAN card number, Aadhaar card number, name and catch and click the link adapter button. If you are already connected, you will receive a message saying “your PAN is already linked to an already existing source number”.
    If you have an income tax account, follow the steps below.
    You need to log in to your income tax eFiling website at the link below
    Login “If your pan is already attached to the given aadhaar number”, your pot will be shown if your aadhaar is already connected.
    If your PAN is attached to your Aadahar number, it will display the message as shown below. apply new pan card
    But if you are not sure whether your aadhaar is connected to your PAN card, follow this video and connect again to Aadhaar. You received a message when you joined. Go to another editing website and log in and continue. Then you will know. If you have not done before or after the link. Visit the efiling portal, click the link there and get the ‘link Aadhaar’ option.
    Let’s see this in your home. You do not have to create any account, search the following link e-filing homepage, income tax department, the Indian government and the “Link Aadhaar” link.

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